In Loving Memory

Bob Compton was a man who loved life and truly lived to make treasured memories and enjoy it. He took great pride in his two daughters, Nicole Chapman and Rachael Compton, and his three wonderful grandchildren, Ruby and Mason Chapman, and Patrick Conley. Bob worked hard to make sure he always gave back to others for the blessings he had in his life. This page has been started to annually continue that giving spirit in Bob’s memory. Bob’s employer, Majestic Care, has agreed to provide $10,000 to the Bob Compton Foundation annually! 

Saying goodbye to someone so important to our organization is one of the hardest things we can ever do. May we find the strength and courage to let them go and the memories that Bob made provide some comfort throughout this time.


Charlotte Ford, Co-worker

Bob was devoted to the Long-Term Care industry – serving in several different leadership roles throughout his career. Regardless of the role he was in, he always, led, mentored, and inspired those around him.

Donn Kump, CFO at Majestic Care

Bob was my biggest supporter, believer and friend. He allowed me to do a great job with everything I need. His advice and support is definitely missed.

Heather Maley, Co-Worker

Bob was very passionate about our team and poured into us daily. I will miss his humorous jokes and witty character.

Aisha Evans, Co-Worker

Bob taught our team about loyalty. He supported his team and stoof up for what was right. He was knowledgeable as an administrator and loved passing his knowledge along. Bob was the calm to any storm. He loved to sing to lighten up the day.

Rachel Cremeans-Herald, Co-Worker

Learn More About the Cause

One of the most personal ways Bob chose to give back was to provide Christmas presents and a Christmas dinner to a single mother from church. Gifts would be purchased and wrapped for the family and delivered to her before Christmas, so she could put them under the tree as if they were from her. He wanted no recognition, only to help someone make their kids’ Christmas special. Our hope is to continue this each year, living on Bob’s selfless legacy.


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