Majestic Care of Toledo is excited to share resident Jayson’s Success Story!

Our dedicated social worker connected with Jayson’s brother, Scooter, and the results are nothing short of amazing! Scooter is overjoyed to witness the remarkable improvement in his brother. Our MSW shared the fantastic news that Jayson is now thriving—embracing social interactions, enjoying therapy, and unleashing creativity through crafts and coloring!

We are excited to share that Jayson has a fresh haircut, hearty appetite, and consistent engagement in therapy. Scooter is genuinely grateful for the positive changes in Jayson’s well-being. Scooter is eagerly looking forward to bringing Jayson back home. Jayson has cherished every moment spent with us, and we’re sending him off with our heartfelt best wishes for the continued journey ahead. Congratulations to Jayson and his Care Team on their success!