Majestic Care is proud to feature our Director of Clinical Services, Brandon Kaser! Brandon has been a nurse for 21 years.

He says, “I have always liked the medical field. I enjoyed helping people.” Watching his mother’s career unfold to nursing inspired Brandon to become a nurse himself. He saw the opportunity to work in healthcare in so many different areas, but decided that being on the front-lines was his calling. “Having that quality time with patients, seeing improvements, being there at the patient’s last moments- that’s what is most important to me.”

He started his first 11 years working in the Acute Care Center setting, specializing in the surgical ICU unit. “It was exciting and intense. There was a lot of critical thinking, and a lot of very fast decision-making. We worked with a huge team to focus on just one or two patients.”

Eventually, Brandon decided to explore a different area in his healthcare career, Long-Term Care. Brandon has now spent the last 10 years working in the LTC department.

“I have always wanted to work with geriatric patients. Each resident’s life has a story to tell. They have spent their entire lives working and trying to improve society for future generations.”

He thought the best way to repay his debts is to care for them. Trying to improve their quality of care to ensure that they still feel valued is a determination that Brandon reminds himself while taking care of his residents.

“While working Acute Care, I noticed we worked more with disease processes or diagnostic codes. But with Long-Term Care, your residents are the top priority.” He adds, “You get to know how they truly respond to the different treatments. Compared to Acute Care, there is more of an opportunity to really get to know the patients in a better setting. You get to know so much more about them, like the small details of their lives.”

He concludes, “At Majestic Care, we truly use the team approach. Seeing how every department impacts that quality of care for all our residents. From a corporate level all the way to the facility level, it’s like every Care Team Member is just as important as the next.”

Brandon, thank you for your dedication to our residents and Care Team!