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Majestic Care


September 25, 2019

Joe became a resident at Majestic Care of Sheridan in 2017. Recently, Joe was noted to have stiffness, decreased range of motion and decreased strength in his left lower extremity, which made functional transfers and wheelchair mobility around the facility very difficult. Majestic Care of Sheridan and Reliant Rehabilitation initially worked with Joe 5 days a week to increase the range of motion and strength in his left leg.

Joe has worked hard with physical therapy. He has achieved maximum range of motion and strength in his left leg, resulting in increased standing tolerance and balance, making functional transfers safer and wheelchair mobility easier. Joe enjoys being able to move around the facility independently in his wheelchair again. He is currently working with physical therapy 2 days a week to maintain the function he has gained. Great job, Joe!

RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT – North Vernon – “Kaye”

September 11, 2019

Crystal “Kaye” Sullivan was admitted to Majestic Care of North Vernon after receiving a pacemaker following a hospital stay that also included pneumonia, flu and urinary tract infection. 

Ms. Sullivan stated that “All the therapists are great and that the Nurses and aides were very attentive to my needs.” She also stated that “I would recommend Majestic Care of North Vernon to anyone”.

Ms. Sullivan’s favorite meal during her stay with Majestic Care of North Vernon was beef tips on noodles and the sloppy joes!

RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT – Connersville – Helen

September 3, 2019

Helen Fox was living at home independently with support from her son and daughter. During a trip to the grocery store with her daughter, Helen had a bout of dizziness that caused her to fall. She was transported to the hospital where she found out she had a fractured hip and needed surgery to repair it.

After surgery, the hospital recommended Helen to go to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. Helen selected Majestic Care of Connersville for her rehab needs which included assistance for transfers, ambulation, bed mobility, toileting, dressing and bathing. She was weak in both her arms and legs, demonstrated confusion and had swallowing difficulties.

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Congratulations to Victoria Collier, RNA as she celebrates 20 years of service this month at our Majestic Care of Columbus community!

“I love taking care of all of my Residents, they are like family. I have been through eight takeovers and I feel this one is the ticket because Majestic Care has shown that they care about their staff as well as their residents.”

– Victoria Collier, RNA