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Speech Therapy

Loss of speech is frustrating, but can be regained partially or fully with the aid of trained speech therapists. Our certified and licensed Speech Therapy professionals are trained in the diagnosis and therapeutic techniques to improve speech reception, difficulty swallowing and other oral problems. We focus on cognitive retraining, expressive language and speech, swallowing skills training for any neurological/cognitive deficits, and other areas.

Our Speech Therapy regimen helps our residents

  • Regain speech and language skills
  • Improve oral muscle strength
  • Learn or re-learn verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills

Congratulations to Bertie Atkinson, CNA as she celebrates 34 years this month at our Majestic Care of New Haven community!

“If I wasn’t married I would want to spend all of my time here with my residents. They give me the best gift of all in life… fulfillment and joy!”

– Bertie Atkinson, CNA