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Outpatient Therapy

The goal of the Outpatient Therapy program is to give members of the community the option to live at home but still have access to the trained therapy staff and modern therapy gym. We currently offer Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services on an outpatient basis.

Our Outpatient Therapy can help you:

  • Build strength, endurance, muscle tone, range of motion, hand-eye coordination and balance while decreasing anxiety and boosting energy levels and mood
  • Maintain independence and self-respect by providing exercises and assistive devices that enable you to continue performing daily tasks such as dressing, cooking and eating on their own
  • Improve speaking and swallowing abilities

Congratulations to Amy Douglas, LPN as she celebrates 20 years of service this month at our Majestic Care of at North Vernon community!

“My passion for LTC stems from the opportunity it gives you to make a difference in the life of your residents. It allows you to really get to know your residents and their families, and form long lasting relationships with them. It’s nice to run into a family member of a previous patient from years ago and the family member hugs you.”

– Amy Douglas, LPN