Majestic Care is proud to highlight Katie Campbell, Director of Social Services at Majestic Care. Katie brings over 20 years of experience in long term care as a Licensed Health Facility Administrator and Social Worker.

What does Katie enjoy most about her role? “Having the opportunity to positively impact someone each day. Sometimes when you’re the social worker, you’re the social worker for your residents, but you’re also the social worker for the families, for partners in care in our local communities and also your care team members”

As director of social services, Katie is responsible for formulation, training, and implementation of policies for Social Service, Activities, Behavioral Health and Memory Care departments.

“Social workers are the go-to person with information on resources, a calm touch and a listening ear. It’s nice to feel like you can be trusted to go to for information and support”

Within the Majestic Care buildings, there’s a strong sense of community. She fully embraces the long-term care environment. “We are a community within a community. Your residents are individuals with different life experiences and backgrounds. You merge people from different locations and form your own supportive community within the four walls of the center.”

During the pandemic, the social services team has shown resilience in the face of challenge. This has meant adjusting to guidelines and social distancing protocol while still providing compassionate, person-centered care. Katie has witnessed the resilience of the Majestic Care communities. 

 “I think that all of our care team members, but especially those in social work and activity roles, have had to adjust the way that they plan activities to still bring joy to people’s lives. Whether it’s doing things in their rooms or out in the hallway. Our care team members have been able to adjust and show people that we love and care for them and we’re here for them, even though we have to do it from six feet or more away.”

She notes the importance of conveying warmth and love even with personal protective equipment. “I’ve had to adjust greatly because I’m always smiling. How do you convey what you’re feeling or a positive facial expression when you’re interacting with someone with a mask and goggles on? That’s been a learning opportunity for me. We do air hugs, and our residents have gotten used to that.”

Katie, thank you for your outstanding leadership and commitment to our residents.