As part of Long-Term Care Administrator’s week, Majestic Care is proud to highlight Ryan Kinzie, Executive Director at Majestic Care of Sheridan. Ryan is an exceptional Care Team Member and administrator with 14 years in the industry and 3 years at Majestic Care. 

Ryan enjoys seeing residents thrive as a result of exceptional care. “It’s satisfying to work as a team to improve a resident’s health and well-being. Residents can improve to a level that they once thought was not possible.”

A sense of home is at the heart of Majestic Care of Sheridan. Ryan and his team cultivate a welcoming environment and show gratitude for residents.

“Our goal is to make this a comfortable home that residents enjoy being at. We want them to be happy in their home.”

While the pandemic has been a challenging time for all long-term care administrators, it has also shown the true strength of his care team. Ryan notes, “All department heads and floor staff work together to overcome obstacles. You really see care team members step up and overcome challenges.”

“My team is amazing and talented.  They are a special group of people I’ve been blessed with here at Sheridan.”

We want to thank Ryan for his leadership and dedication to creating a warm, caring, positive and supportive community.

Thank you Ryan for your dedication and contributions to Majestic Care!

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