“Nurses are that bridge between the medical unknown and helping people truly understand. The nurse is able to sit down and explain what’s going on, alleviate worries and concerns, and offer that comfort and confidence in the plan of care.”

We are proud to spotlight Regional Nurse Consultant, Jillian Cooper. Jillian is an outstanding clinical leader with 15 years of experience as a nurse.

Her love of learning has been an asset to growing as a clinician. Jillian obtained her RN while working as an LPN. From there she became an Assistant Director of Nursing, then a Director of Nursing and now a Regional Nurse Consultant.

Jillian truly enjoys bedside nursing. When making a connection with a resident, she says, “It’s very rewarding to see their body language relax, the understanding in their eyes. It’s one of those things that I truly do enjoy about nursing.”

As a Regional Nurse Consultant, she trains new leaders and works with our team on having the best clinical outcomes. She values the role that mentorship has played in her career.

“As a new nurse, I worked with a lot of skilled seasoned nurses who would show me these amazing techniques with wound care. We learn a lot in nursing school, but the majority of our skills are learned hands-on through experience. And when you’ve got a mentor who’s invested in you, they help you to retain and understand material in a way that’s easily digestible.”

Why work in long term care? Jillian appreciates the feeling of family and community. 

“In a long term care setting, you really get to know your residents and the team. It’s a smaller knit community as opposed to working in a hospital. So you know your team so well, and it helps you become more invested.”

That atmosphere is beneficial to everyone in the community. She adds, “In the building, It’s like a family. And when you’re invested in your family, you want them to be successful. And the residents benefit from it.”

“With Majestic Care, there’s a level of transparency and it’s easy to communicate with everyone. We have a very open forum to be able to discuss concerns and to feel heard and to be a part of making a change. I believe in the vision, without a doubt. I think that was one of my driving factors in accepting the role that I’m in now, is I truly believe in Majestic’s vision.”

Jillian, thank you for your leadership and dedication to the whole Majestic Care family!