Name and Role

Lisa Gamble, Payroll Specialist

How long have you been in healthcare?

1 year

What do you love most about Majestic Care?

I love that Bernie, the CEO, comes around and asks if everyone is treating me okay. This lets me know that he truly cares about the well-being of our team

Why would you encourage someone else to join Majestic Care?

Majestic is constantly growing which shows jobs stability and longevity of the company. I will also mention the great perks (free cell phone) and other benefits offered to every Care Team member when they join the team.

How do you motivate the team you are apart of?

We motivate each other by sharing ideas and interests with one another.

What makes you proud of the team you’re apart of?

I am proud of our team because as we continue to grow as a company and the workload increases, our team strives to make sure the payroll is processed in a timely and accurate manner.