Majestic Care is proud to feature our Regional Nursing Consultant of Fort Wayne and Avon, Nick White! Nick has been practicing nursing for the past 24 years.

“When my little brother was five, he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. So that’s when I knew I wanted to get into healthcare.” said Nick. He went to school to become a CNA and worked that position for 10-11 years. When he decided he wanted to excel even further, he went back to school to become an LPN. But that was not the end of Nick’s healthcare expertise! After 11 years of being an LPN, he went back to school (yet again) and became an RN. He’s now been an RN for 5 years. He added, “I wanted to be sure that I could take care of my brother no matter what happened.”

We asked Nick what his favorite part about working in healthcare was. He answered, “The residents. Making sure the residents are taken care of, making sure they’re happy. I also really like interacting with my fellow team members. I like to encourage many of my colleagues to get back into school and go that next level. Helping other people grow and succeed is a passion of mine.”

Nick thinks that all of our modern-day healthcare heroes deserve to be recognized year round for all of their hard work. “That’s something that I, also in this role, luckily get to help do and help support them.”

What has really drawn Nick to Majestic Care is the missions and values of ensuring residents are taken care of, no matter the cost. “If there is something that we need for resident care, regardless of the situation, they make it happen.” Says Nick.

He concludes, “If you’re considering working for Majestic Care, make your move! We have some great teams and great communities. People know who you are. I know the nurses names that work on my floor.That’s what makes the Majestic difference. It feels more like a family instead of a job.”

Nick, thank you for your dedication to our residents and Care Team!