Today we are excited to spotlight Shawna Perry, CNA at Majestic Care of North Vernon. Shawna is coming up on her 5-year anniversary at North Vernon!  

We asked Shawna how she became interested in long-term care: 

“I originally wanted to be a physical therapist. When I was younger, I used to babysit kids and one little girl had physical therapy. That is what initially got me interested. My grandma passed away in 2013 and I always went to her house to hang out with her. I was still in school when she passed, and I have always wanted to do something with healthcare. In 2013, I volunteered here and decided I wanted to be able to visit and help take care of people that needed it. I wanted to be someone that was there for them.” 

Shawna explained why she enjoys her position as a CNA: 

“I like to talk to the residents and get to know them. I enjoy finding out what they like to do and what they have done in their lifetime. I’ll find out if they were once a farmer or what animals they had. Some of our residents don’t have families. So, these conversations really help them know that somebody is there for them.” 

When Shawna first started working at North Vernon, she spent much time in the dementia unit. She shared that she enjoyed activities with her dementia residents. She would get everyone involved, and they would laugh and have a good time! It made her feel good to bring joy to their day.

Shawna has enjoyed the team she works with at Majestic Care of North Vernon, “A lot of the girls, we’re like family. We look after each other and take care of each other. We all work together.”  Thank you, Shawna, for going above and beyond in caring for your residents!