“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those under our care by fostering a remarkable culture created by our dedicated Care Team members. Each and every member of our Care Team, plays a vital role in delivering exceptional care to the residents we are privileged to serve every day.

We consistently evaluate the quality outcomes in our communities and develop action plans to elevate those outcomes, thereby improving the care provided to our residents. For an action plan to be effective, it must involve input from all departments, address the root cause of the issue, include actionable steps to address the root cause, and be embraced and driven by the entire team. A successful action plan cannot be developed and executed solely by one person in a conference room. How do we communicate goals to all departments? Does the environmental services team know the number of falls that occurred in the community last month, what the goal is for this month, and what specific actions and changes have been implemented? If not, how can they actively contribute to achieving those goals?

Communication plays a crucial role in an effective action plan. It is essential to ensure that goals, actionable steps, and follow-up are communicated to the entire team. Every member of the Care Team should understand our goals and their role in achieving them. Clinical action plans should be regularly discussed during morning meetings and shared with frontline teams.

An action plan should include practical actionable steps and attainable goals. Regularly monitor progress and adjust action plans as necessary to ensure goal attainment. We are committed to delivering the highest quality care to our residents by continuously striving for improvement. We sincerely appreciate the positive impact you make on the lives of so many individuals.”