What is a Continuum of Care?

A continuum of care describes a system that provides the ability to care for a person throughout multiple stages of their life. A place where all levels of trusted care are in one familiar location.

Why is working together for Residents important?

A team-based approach to care can improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of care our Residentsreceive. We can better serve Residents’ needs and enhance their well-being by collaborating andutilizing each team member’s distinct skill set and viewpoint.

How does a Continuum of Care benefit our Residents?

It allows them to age in place for as long as possible and leads to better care that is less stressful,more convenient, more social, and easier on the Resident and their families.

Why should Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing collaborate? 

The success of our Residents depends on having positive working relationships with your coworkers. 

In senior care, it is a necessity more than a virtue. The success of Majestic Care depends on it as well;the ability of the team to function as a unit will not only improve quality outcomes, but can reduce 

re-hospitalizations, increase length of stay and stabilize occupancy. 

What does this look like within Majestic Care? 

Each of the following is an example and are just ONE piece of the puzzle of a Resident’s care journey. 

If one piece is missing or lost, the picture is incomplete. 

1. Administration (ED’s and GM’s) communicating to each other and to their teams in a combinedmorning meeting to ensure all departments are informed and on the same page. 

2. Assisted Living represented in initial Care Plan meetings as a subject matter expert, so that familiesare aware of all options – discharge planning starts at the day of admission!

3. Skilled Nursing participating in Assisted Living At-Risk meetings to uphold the communityphilosophy of supporting our Residents to achieve or maintain the highest level of independence 

and allow Residents to age in place in a comfortable, secure environment.

4. Inter-Disciplinary Team collaboration in Utilization Review Meetings to 

ensure that Residents are set up for success in the long run, whether it be 

discharging home with Home Health, to our Assisted Living community 

or transitioning to a long-term resident in our Skilled Nursing.