Majestic Care of New Haven is proud to recognize Darnell Glaspie’s Success Story.

Darnell admitted to Majestic Care of New Haven after recent hospitalization for coughing and trouble swallowing. When Darnell admitted, he required assistance with mobility, transfers, ambulation, and eating/swallowing. He required a pureed diet for safety. A plan of care was developed between PT and ST services with Reliant Rehabilitation and Majestic Care of New Haven to address his goals of regaining his independence and ability to consume regular foods and return back to the community with his sister.

Darnell worked avidly with Reliant Rehabilitations therapy services to increase strength and ambulation. He also overcame his swallowing deficits to reduce the risk of injury when returning home. He was able to safely return home with the use of a standard cane and a mechanical soft diet. Darnell, we are so proud of all you accomplished. We are going to miss you!