#MyMajestic – What does this really mean? I wanted to share with you what it means to me. My Majestic signifies that Majestic Care is composed of the hearts and minds of each our Care Team members. We are members of the same Care Team. We have different roles, but we all work toward one goal. We work to live out our Mission Statement with every interaction. We work to support our Vision Statement and we keep our CORE M.A.G.I.C. values present when making decisions and leading our communities. Whether you are an aide on the night shift, a culinary team member preparing each meal, working to ensure we have clean and fresh linen, administrative duties or bedside nursing; we all play a vital role to provide quality care to each Resident that we are blessed to serve.

Personally, I look back to my time as a Certified Nursing Assistant, working on the evening shift in Yorktown, Indiana, and I never felt I had a voice that mattered to my facility let alone the company. It is stated in our Mission Statement, “Magical Culture created from the hearts of our Care Team Members”. This means You! It has been our mission as an organization since before we even had a resident to care for, that we would always provide an avenue for our Care Team to shape our organization, that you would have a VOICE! I wanted to take time this month and encourage you to use your voice. Make our organization stronger with your ideas and passion! As always, please let us know what you like about the organization, why you choose Majestic. Many of our benefits and systems have improved in the last four years, often from feedback directly from you.

Please keep it coming so we can attract and retain the most talented, caring and energized Care Team in the industry. We offer many avenues to provide feedback. MyMajestic@MajesticCare.com is an email monitored 24 hours a day. Utilize this for any and all feedback. We also offer a robust compliance program, so if you see something that needs improved, use your voice and let us know. Compliance@MajesticCare.com is a direct email to our Corporate Compliance Officer for any and all Compliance issues. You can report items anonymously as well via our Lighthouse Compliance program via email or phone. It is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and is available in multiple languages. We encourage you to reach out to your supervisor, check in with your Director of Nursing or communicate with the Executive Director at your location. Your voice matters in helping shape and continuously improve the organization. My Majestic has always meant that this organization belongs to the entire team. Everyone has a voice, every voice matters and as a Leadership team we will continue to keep our Mission at the heart of all decisions. You are Majestic Care, You are My Majestic – we look for that pride in all that we do each and every day. That pride, compassion, energy will shine through your actions and ensure we provide quality care every time we interact with our residents. #MyMajestic is reflected in you and that fact you answer the call to serve our residents every day, every shift!

CEO, Bernie McGuinness