The Post-Acute Care world faces many challenges, one of the greatest concerns of operators throughout the country today is staffing.  Specifically, the recruitment and retention of qualified caregivers.  At Majestic Care, we have the same focus on the recruitment of staff that have a passion to serve the elderly and can meet the demands of the role.  This industry takes a special person and a unique skill set to meet the ever-changing needs of our residents and families.

This leads us to a dilemma that many people struggle to find their life’s calling. The job that turns into a career, one that energizes them daily.  Instead, so many work in jobs they don’t particularly care for and spend their lives wondering if they could have done more. I, like many in our industry, was fortunate to discover my calling early in my life.

As a teenager, I had the opportunity to work in a summer camp for the disabled. During those months one of the staff nurses took notice and mentored me. She saw something in me and encouraged me to consider nursing as a career.  When I turned 19, I began work as a certified nursing assistant where I stoked my passion for the elderly and realized my calling to serve those in the twilight years of their lives. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted.

Eventually I was able to pursue my nursing license and education while gaining valuable work experience in facility operations. Most recently, I was the Chief Operating Officer for a regional provider, overseeing a dozen facilities in two states. It’s been exciting for me to leverage 22 years of experience in post-acute care clinical services and operations to now serve my role within Majestic Care.  Our mission is to individualize the quality of life of those we care for through the magical culture created from the hearts of our Care Team members.

But, how do we achieve our mission?

One thing I’ve noticed as a common thread among our residents and their family members is a desire for peace of mind.  One of my mentors taught me this early in my career and I have seen it come to life over and over, through the past decades. Deciding on the best path for the health care of our loved ones isn’t easy and people want to know they’re making not only the right decision, but the best one.

Those with whom we interact daily are looking for a care experience that keeps their promises and delivers the highest quality of care. The problem for many is the overwhelming process of navigating the post-acute care world.  Whether it’s understanding the difference in payer, quick decisions on finding a provider and all the different levels of care available today, we are focused through our leadership team to provide answers and guidance through this time.   At Majestic Care, we have over 350 Care Team members in our organization across a variety of fields who are each committed to making the process easier to navigate. We understand and have the experience needed to help you make the right choice.

Many of our Care Team members have had to make these decisions for their own loved ones and know what it’s like to sort through all of the information to consider. We’re also a team of people with deep roots in our community. Our team has always operated on a local level and have forged a strong network of relationships with area physicians, health care providers, and other professionals.

When you contact Majestic Care, we make the process of working with us easy.

First, give us a call or email one of our Admission Directors or Executive Directors.

Second, we encourage everyone to come in for a tour of our facilities or arrange to meet with us in person through your local health care professional.  Third, if needed, get a referral through your provider.

I understand that it’s not the “bricks and sticks” that make a quality health care provider; it’s the people, our Care Team Members, that make all the difference. It’s not an understatement to say we have the best people around and we work hard to make sure they’re with us for a long time. We invest in them through attractive and competitive compensation packages so that we may retain who we believe are the best caregivers in the Midwest.  We focus on a culture of gratitude.  One where we give thanks to our Care Team Members for the care they provide and how they have answered the call to serve, but we remain thankful on the opportunity we have as an organization to serve our local healthcare communities.   We are able to impact lives, those who have serve their local communities for years and now need our services and our hearts to be focused on their individualized needs.

As we look toward the future, I’m excited to be a part of ensuring Majestic Care continues to grow and change with our industry. We will be proactive in leading the charge to revolutionize how we care for people, increase our presence in the health care community, and look for ways to incorporate new and emerging technologies into our processes.

Thank you for trusting Majestic Care to care for you and your loved ones. We’re working hard to live up to your expectations because for us, this isn’t just a job. It’s a calling.