One of the most exciting things that’s happened to me is being a part of the Majestic Care team. Our Care Team Members are the best I’ve seen in our industry. Their commitment to our mission of individualizing the quality of life of those we care for inspires me every day. They are the ones living out the Majestic Care culture.

One of the people I have the opportunity to work with closely as we work to create our culture is our Chief Financial Operating Officer, Donn Kump. I want to take this opportunity to hear his vision for Majestic Care.

 Bernie McGuinness
Majestic Care, CEO

The recent buzz word in our industry has been patient-centered care. At the core of our organization is an emphasis on person-centered care. This starts with the care givers whose are entrusted to care for our residents. We understand there is a shortage of staff in this industry. With that, comes significant job-hopping or bouncing from one facility to another. We believe one of the reasons for this could be culture. Do we make our care team members feel valued, give them a voice, or are they just filling an opening on our scheduling matrix? We look at our staff as the our most valuable asset. As we build our Care Team, we strive to empower them and hope to inspire them to not only excel at serving those we are privileged to care for, but to also become advocates of Majestic Care and the industry as a whole.

Our vision statement refers to revolutionizing our industry. Easy to say – but how do we accomplish this? We start by changing the culture of our care teams. Our executives need to become advocates of the industry who encourage and mentor our staff. We are often guilty of “doing” instead of “teaching”. This sometimes leads to a perception of regional or corporate staff becoming auditors as opposed to leaders. We believe culture change starts from the top. We, as executives, need to live this, present it every day.

Another issue we have to recognize is the role of technology in our industry. We have several systems ways to look at data and analytics in our industry. So much so, that we find team members spending a lot of time behind a computer screen trying to assess our residents. Much of our technology has not improved documentation, it has just made this documentation easier to reference. We find our staff spending all of their time in a conference room behind a computer screen. As part of our culture, we want to “get from behind the door and out to the floor”. We believe the best way to assess our residents is in person. The benefit, we not only see the resident, but we also communicate with the direct care staff who are taking care of them. Sounds kind of “old school” right…

Most importantly – we need our locations to become part of the community. We refer to our facilities as communities because we truly believe they are just that – a community within the community. Many of our residents lived, worked, and helped build these communities. Not only do we want to serve our residents, we want to serve the community in any means possible.

All of this with a mindset to enhance the quality of life of those we serve. We are committed to this. We are not concerned with standing out – we simply want to be outstanding. It is one of many silly statements we try to operate by “Don’t stand out – Be Outstanding” in EVERYTHING we do.


Donn Kump
Majestic Care, CFOO