Happy National Home Care Aide Week! 💙💜 Majestic Home Health is proud to highlight one of our amazing Home Health Aides, Susan Alley!

Name & Role

My name is Susan Alley and I’ve been a Home Health Aide (HHA) since 2000. Before that, I was a CNA in upstate New York for several years in a healthcare facility

What do you love about your role with Majestic Home Health?

What I love about my job at Majestic, is the ability to care for my patients that I’ve been with for several years and we have created a beautiful bond together that developed from our first meeting. Majestic gave me the opportunity to stay with them and continue in the rewarding journey that I’ve been on. Also, my love for caring for those who aren’t able to care for themselves and with families that are not able to assist with their care. 

How do you feel supported?

Getting support from majestic care helps me stay positive and empathetic in the care that I can give to my clients. 

Why would you encourage someone else to start their Majestic Home Health journey?

I definitely would encourage other healthcare providers to join majestic care to grow and have  a rewarding opportunity to care for people in need.  Caring goes both ways between caregiver and client which makes the love for the job wonderful. 

What has been a highlight of your Majestic journey?

My highlight at majestic is meeting new administrators and coworkers along with the excellent gratification I get for doing everything I can to make my clients happy with a fun and positive outlook. 

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