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Majestic Care

Creating Magic Moments in Long-Term Care

October 28, 2020

Of all the things we strive for at Majestic Care, nothing is more important to us than making sure each of our residents knows they are a unique human being who is cared for. That’s why we created the Magic Moments Program designed to provide an individualized plan of care for every person who calls our communities home.

Those entering skilled nursing want to know they will receive the quality of care to which they are accustomed and that they will not be alone. They often have anxiety over what type of care they will receive and want to know who they can turn to when they have questions or concerns.

At Majestic Care, we believe every one of our residents deserves to be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding. Our Care Team members are working hard to establish trust with our residents and families and to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We strive to get to know our residents on a deeper and more personal level, each and every day.


Magic Moment Ambassadors

Across our organization, Care Team members from all departments are stepping up to become designated Magic Moment Ambassadors.

Each Ambassador is responsible for a group of rooms and is committed to meeting with the residents of each room on a daily basis.

They conduct weekly in-depth interviews with our residents to find out more about what they love to do, their hobbies, passions, occupation, religious preferences and more. We want to celebrate their lives and have a mechanism to solicit real-time feedback.


Open Communication

Through our Magic Moments program, we also touch base with family members once a month to give them the opportunity to ask questions and share any feedback they may have. We also offer a continuous feedback process with a 24/7 anonymous hotline, on-site care team member access, access to the Executive Director and Director of Nursing, access to their Magic Ambassador and the My Majestic email – . All of this is our way of providing the most transparent and responsive program in the field of senior healthcare.


Raising the Bar

When Majestic Care launched, we knew we wanted to abandon the typical approach to doing things. That’s why no two of our facilities are alike. Through a more profound commitment to understanding the expectations of the residents at each of our locations, we offer tailored activities.

While our Fort Wayne residents take in a Tin Caps game, our Connersville community can be found at the local county parade. We all take the time to honor our resident veterans, celebrate traditional holidays, and have even held senior proms for those who still like to hit the floor and dance. This feedback and activity programming is directly from the request of residents and our communities.


Exceptional Care for Everyone

The Majestic Care team is fiercely committed to changing the way our industry works. From the quality of care, clinical programs, our menu and quality of food and activity programming; we ask the hard questions on a daily basis, address our opportunities for growth and celebrate when we get it right.

Gone are the days when those who require skilled care have to be anxious of what their future holds. Majestic Care is disrupting the industry to offer a new way of doing things as we strive to provide exceptional care to everyone who calls our communities’ home.


Reach Out

To find out more about our Magic Moments program or any of our other services, contact us today at

Congratulations to Victoria Collier, RNA as she celebrates 20 years of service this month at our Majestic Care of Columbus community!

“I love taking care of all of my Residents, they are like family. I have been through eight takeovers and I feel this one is the ticket because Majestic Care has shown that they care about their staff as well as their residents.”

– Victoria Collier, RNA