Majestic Care is proud to highlight Matt Trammell, Regional Vice President of Operations. 

Matt is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington with over 15 years of experience as a long-term care administrator. His extensive experience includes roles as Executive Director, Senior Executive Director, and Director of Operations, and now Regional VP of Operations. 

Matt enjoys working through challenges and producing results. “I enjoy the interaction with people. The challenge of understanding the dynamics of what’s going on in a room and how to get where we need to go, how to get everybody on the same page.”

While the pandemic has been a challenging time for professionals in long-term care, Matt continues to thrive in a results-driven environment.  He cites Bernie McGuinness, Majestic Care CEO, and Don Kump, Majestic Care CFOO,  as mentors having worked alongside both for years. “I’ve followed these leaders in the past because we’re focused on the residents and the quality of care”.

He notes the most important aspect of working in long-term care is a core passion for serving seniors.  “I have respect for my elders, for my grandparents. That’s always been instilled in me by my family.”

“With this being black history month, I’m just very excited to be in such a diverse company, such as Majestic Care. They foster a very diverse environment within the company that I love, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve followed these leaders in the past”

Matt, thank you for your outstanding leadership and commitment to quality care!