The events of the past several years have pushed more people online, in fact, a Constat study found that 97% of consumers now use online media when researching products or services prior to making a decision. According to MOZ, one-third of business owners say that online reviews are the key differentiator when deciding between local brands. Improving an organization’s Google review from 3 to 4 stars can expect a 44% increase in conversions according to Google Business. As Google remains the world’s top online search website; focusing on Google Business reviews should be your facility’s primary focus.

Star ranking, length of review and number of reviews all can influence a company’s online presence including search order for the consumer looking for services. Staff members completing Google reviews for organizations where they are currently employed may be removed. Care Team members wanting to share their positive employment experience should consider posting on LinkedIn or Indeed.

You can positively influence your communities online presence by:

  • Creating a Magical experience for all of our guests with each interaction
  • Directly asking residents, family members and vendors to compete a Google Review.
    (Usually, the staff member with a personal relationship with this individual is the best staff member to make this request.)
  • Clearly explain the process about how to complete a Google review. Consider showing them how to complete the review prior to the end of their community visit.
  • Encourage the reviewer to make comments and not simply click on review stars.
  • Explain how completing a Google review will benefit others as they write their experience to share with others who are in the same decision making process.
  • Review Google results during morning meeting to keep top of team members’ minds.