Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day to our AMAZING Talent Acquisition team! These individuals go above and beyond for our communities every single day. Learn more about the team:

Laurel Lingle
Vice President of Talent Acquisition

“Being in Senior Care for over 20 years continues to be a passion of mine. Knowing every hire makes a difference in our residents’ lives keeps me energized & passionate about my work. Majestic Care is a place that allows you to have a seat at the table & really contribute to how we adapt to the change of our labor market. We continue to strive to be the best Senior Care provider by ensuring our Care Team members are provided a positive work environment.”

Crystal Barnes
Director of Workforce Development

“I love what I do because I love helping others, rather that be resident care or training and education. I feel that the upper management team listens & works towards fixing/helping when we have concerns. I love our TEAM WORK! I love the MC difference (5$ attendance bonus & cell phone) as this is something different from other LTC companies.”

Lexi Thomas
Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

“I love that we feel like a big family. We have a great support system & we care about each other. I love that I get to connect with each candidate and hear their story, understand what they are looking for & help them find a home away from home. I hope that applicants feel special & they are welcomed & feel like they are part of something bigger than just a job. We are Majestic Care.”

Linda Barnoski
Director of Talent Acquisition

“I have been working in Senior healthcare for over 25 years & I love being apart of providing the best care to our local seniors. I feel supported because our leadership team guides, supports & encourages us all to live our mission every day. What I love most about Majestic Care is that we are a great team that strives to make positive impact in our communities & care for those in need. We believe & live our mission of Leading with Love every day.”

Brandi Elliott
Talent Acquisition Sourcer

“I love what I do because I love getting to meet new people & hear about their goals. I feel supported by having great leadership that I know I can lean on when I need to. What I love most about Majestic Care is how we are always looking for ways to improve for our Care Team members.”

Cindy Beasley
Talent Acquisition Sourcer

“I love being able to assist candidates find a new position as well as helping our locations get to the proper staffing numbers needed to make the building run smoothly. We have a wonderful supervisor, Laurel, and everyone on the team has been very helpful in making sure we keep the recruiting process flowing. I love being part of a team that leads with love!”

Mikala Kotecki
Talent Acquisition Sourcer

“Being a recruiter is rewarding because you get to help connect applicants with a new career opportunity that is right for them. Not only am I finding a candidate a job, I am also finding a care-taker for our residents. I feel most supported by my Talent Acquisition Team. We have great systems in place for helping each-other & are always supported by our leadership team. Working at Majestic Care makes me feel like I am making a difference & having a positive impact on our care communities. It is great to know that we offer such a large range of care services and are making a difference in the lives of our residents, their loved ones, and our Care Team members.”