Patti Devinney lived independently at home with family and was the main caregiver for her husband. As it became tougher for Patti to care for Mr. Devinney, she began to look for long-term services with a memory care unit. After a touring the new memory care unit at Majestic Care of Avon, she decided this was the perfect place. Patti was more than pleased with therapy services provided by Reliant Rehabilitation. She attended treatment sessions with her husband on a weekly basis.

Patti was very active in the community, walking with a rollator at times, using a scooter here and there and walking independently at other times. She began to get weak traveling between home and visiting her husband. She suffered a fall and admitted to St. Vincent Hospital. Patti knew she needed rehab to regain her strength. Without question, Majestic Care of Avon is where she wanted to go. Upon arrival, Patti was evaluated by Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy services within 24 hours. For the past month, Patti has participated in intense therapy services provided by Reliant Rehabilitation.

In just 5 weeks, Patti is walking without a walker again. Patti stated, “On the first day Physical Therapy had me up on my feet. I have increased stamina and the ability to do a lot of what I couldn’t do before. I was the main caregiver for my husband, and I was going downhill and didn’t realize it. Without therapy I would be in a wheelchair.”

Patti Devinney is discharging home at an independent level from Majestic Care of Avon. “I would tell anyone if they wanted to walk again, get mobility back, come to Majestic Care of Avon,” stated Patti Devinney.

Congrats Patti!