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Majestic Care

RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT – Connersville – Richard

July 8, 2019

Richard Hughes has called Majestic Care of Connersville home since 2016. He was admitted with a medical diagnosis of hypertension and generalized muscle weakness.

Throughout the years of Richard’s stay, he has had several improvements and declines in functional mobility. Richard’s last decline was in November 2018, when he had shoulder pain and limitations that made it difficult to complete transfers, bed mobility, ambulation and ADLs.

Majestic Care of Connersville and Reliant Rehabilitation’s Physical and Occupational therapy team worked with Richard to decrease his shoulder pain, regain his shoulder’s range of motion and strength, and focus on his functional mobility in order to maximize his independence. Richard worked hard on his recovery and after several weeks of rehabilitation, he was able to meet his goals and return back to his prior level of function.

Richard was discharged from Occupational therapy in January 2019 pain free and with improved range of motion and strength. Richard was discharged from Physical therapy in February 2019 being able to ambulate 200 feet with stand by assistance. He also was able to regain his strength and improve his functional transfers and bed mobility. Richard was set up on a home exercise program to maintain his strength as well as a daily ambulation regimen.

Majestic Care of Connersville and Reliant Rehabilitation would like to thank Richard for letting us be a part of his success in gaining back his independence. We are proud of you Richard!

Congratulations to Victoria Collier, RNA as she celebrates 20 years of service this month at our Majestic Care of Columbus community!

“I love taking care of all of my Residents, they are like family. I have been through eight takeovers and I feel this one is the ticket because Majestic Care has shown that they care about their staff as well as their residents.”

– Victoria Collier, RNA