Sharon Faye Brewer has been a joyful resident of Majestic Care of North Vernon for over 2 years while being a resident of Jennings County for over 47 years!

Sharon lived with her parents near Scipio for many years after a motor vehicle accident left her in a wheelchair at the age of 16.   Her father brought her home to Jennings County and built a ramp onto their home and also Faith United Baptist Church next door, so that she could still attend without any worry of transportation.   The church that he built is still active today.  

Since Sharon has chosen to live at Majestic Care of North Vernon, she has been a joy to others. She has made wonderful friendships both with residents and staff. She loves to help anyone that she can and enjoys the music, activities and Bingo.

Sharon has a multitude of visitors, including “the best sister ever” Phyllis.  Phyllis not only visits Sharon, but many other residents, bringing them treats from home and making them feel special.

Sharon is a blessing to us at Majestic Care of North Vernon and we are so glad that she is here.  She says she loves the people of Majestic Care, and her room. She has a wonderful view of the courtyard which is her favorite during the spring as she is able to watch new flowers in bloom.

Thank you for joining us Sharon!