“I am getting stronger and stronger every day with the help of my therapists. I do well with my transfers now and am meeting my personal goals too. I feel safer with my daily activities. I enjoy standing and walking again.”  Shirlene. 

Since December 2016, Shirlene has called Majestic Care of Sheridan home. In November of that year, Shirlene experienced an illness that left her weak and fatigued. As a result, she experienced reduced mobility and required total assistance with her self-care.  Majestic Care of Sheridan and Reliant Rehabilitation collaborated with Shirlene and designed a customized plan of treatment to help her gain back her strength and independence.

Shirlene has worked hard with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to restore her functional abilities and promote a safe return to her prior level of function. Since the start of therapy, she has increased her activity tolerance, mobility, functional transfers, and safety in her every day activities and self-care tasks.

Shirlene continues to work with physical therapy and occupational therapy to maximize her independence and safety within her environment.

Way to go Shirlene and thank you for joining us!