Majestic Care is proud to partner with RESTORE-skills to provide our residents with their therapy-driven skill-building games!  

From the safety of their rooms, our residents can play remotely with their loved ones, connect with other residents in the skill nursing facility for a group activity, and even participate in live, nationwide gaming tournaments –without noticing the effort they are putting into the session. 

With RESTORE-skills, they boost everyone’s day with hundreds of customizable, therapeutic activities that motivate your loved ones to develop skills to keep them active and healthy. RESTOREskills enhances the therapy experience with leading-edge, web-based, gaming technology. Players can experience the FUN of virtually pulling a slot machine handle to win a jackpot, skiing down the slopes of a world cup race or controlling the flight path of a place all while developing the skills they need to live independently in an engaging and motivating way. 

We believe Restore-skills has something special to offer and we are excited to work alongside them to provide our residents with an engaging, supportive experience here in our facilities.