Majestic Care is excited to highlight our outstanding Social Work team! Meet Bushee Dabney from Majestic Care of Flushing!

Name: Bushee Dabney

What has ‘empowered’ you to become a social worker?: Because of my life experiences and values, I am inspired to be a social worker. Because of my own experiences of poverty and inequality, I am inspired to make a difference. I want to be the person that can help others in similar situations. I want to be the voice for those who can not speak for themselves. I want to be the person that can advocate for social justice and fight for the rights of those in need. 

As we celebrate Social Work Month, what message or advice would you like to share with the community about the importance of social work in long-term care?: Social work is essential to creating a more equitable and just society. It is a way of helping those in need and providing support to those in need of help. Social work is a powerful tool for fostering change and creating a better future for all.