Diversity and Inclusion continues to be top of mind across the nation. This applies to Majestic Care, and the long-term care industry as a whole. Majestic Care remains focused on our Care Team members. Our mission to be the employer of choice in our industry challenges us as an organization daily to look at our culture to ensure we live up to this mission for all Care Team members. “Majestic Care employs over 3,000 Care Team members. Our Care Team is a diverse group of resilient caregivers. We are people providing care to people. Diversity exists within our Care Team, focusing on opportunities for all in key leadership roles and an inclusive and engaged culture to celebrate our diverse workforce is the mission.” Bernie McGuinness, CEO of Majestic Management.

Executive leadership has utilized our magical culture and the platform of leadership to open a conversation of diversity and inclusion within our communities and workforce. “Majestic Care remains focused on our mission statement to individualize the quality of life of those we care for through the magical culture created from the hearts of our Care Team members. The focus on our Care Team members has been a priority for the organization since the first day of operations. As Majestic Care has grown and matured as an organization over the last 48 months, the ability to adapt to the changing responsibilities we are faced with has arisen. Each time, the organization has stepped up to the new challenges, whether in benefit offering, additional Home Office support, Infection Control designated staffing, Talent Acquisition expansion or incentive plan revisions to name a few. After our most recent acquisition in 2021 and in early 2022, it became evident that we were responsible for supporting a very diverse workforce throughout our communities, and with this diversity comes the responsibility to ensure that our communities offer a safe and inclusive environment for all Care Team members to be engaged in their career.” Bernie shared. Majestic Care strives to create a safe environment for our Care Team members to feel comfortable and treated with dignity and respect, allowing our Care Team members to focus on delivering excellent care to the residents we are so honored to serve.

Bernie continued, “The executive team has worked to identify an approach to achieve these goals and improve on our efforts for inclusion. We have identified the need for a Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The goal of the first meeting was to establish a formal committee with officers, establish by-laws and identify initial goals for the committee. We will ultimately expand to a 12-person committee that will meet in person quarterly and monthly via Microsoft Teams. The committee will establish initial goals and present to the executive leadership team, name the committee, focus on training opportunities from orientation to executive leadership, and begin to work with an outside consultant agency to ensure the committee establishes by-laws and learn the best practices in implementation of the ideas and plans from the committee. Majestic Care is making substantial financial commitment and budget for the committee to oversee to bring their ideas and goals to life and incorporate the inclusion and engagement throughout our culture!”

Majestic Care strives to provide patient-centered care by exhibiting respect for diversity, differences, and preferences, unique to each patient. Patient-centered care encompasses the individuals beliefs, values, and personalized information in communications to provide culturally competent and compassionate care. The purpose of this committee is not to change the attitudes or beliefs of the individual, but only to positive impact affirmative practice in service to the diverse population we care for. Majestic Care is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees and values cultural, spiritual, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation diversity. A diverse workforce reflects the diversity of the population we serve, and Majestic Care will serve their employees as they do their residents, with cultural sensitivity and humility. Training and support will come as a result, and we will work with outside experts in this area to ensure that the commitment to culture remains.

“With this in mind, we are looking to develop a minority leadership training program that will help to assist minority candidates in the organization advance their education, provide mentoring services for new roles, and utilize the established budget for the committee to oversee proper implementation. Beginning to look at training, educational costs, mentor pay, administrator in training programs, nurse manager development programs, and more,” continues Bernie. “We will ask that this committee help to mentor others and develop future leaders from our current Care Team. Majestic Care will also establish an email and way for our team to send in suggestions or concerns regarding the DI&E initiative. This commitment to an inclusive work environment has begun and we are excited for how this additional leadership committee and the training, ideas, and engaged spirit it will bring to the Majestic culture for years to come.”

Whether our Care Team is working directly with our residents or providing a support service, they are pivotal to the care and comfort we provide. What’s more, they are part of our Majestic Care family. A family that is committed to them and their well-being. Our Care Team members are the reason we can live our mission.

To learn more about Majestic Care and our diverse workforce opportunities, visit https://www.majesticcare.com/careers/