Majestic Care of Lafayette is proud to shine the spotlight on resident Alisa Payton’s Success Story!

Alisa Payton was admitted to Majestic Care of Lafayette from IU Arnett Hospital, where she was being treated for Acute Respiratory Failure, Osteoarthritis of the Right Knee, and Severe Weakness. Her team of doctors wanted her to receive physical and occupational therapy in hopes that she would be able to regain strength and mobility to transition back home. Majestic Care’s team members evaluated Alisa upon admission and came up with a team approach to address all her needs and develop a comprehensive care plan. 

Immediately, the nursing and therapy teams worked with Alisa everyday to make advances towards a full recovery. After several weeks, Alisa was making impressive progress. However, while in therapy, Alisa received a call from her family to share with her that her husband had unexpectedly passed away. Alisa was devastated and almost questioned her reason for continuing with her therapy. Immediately, Majestic Care of Lafayette Social Services Director, provided comfort and support to help Alisa through such a devastating time. Alisa also took some time to embrace her faith and decided she needed to continue with her journey to become stronger so she could return home to her family and friends. 

Alisa made steadfast progress and is now able to stand and walk unassisted. Her personal drive, unshakable faith, and the help of all the Majestic Care Team members all helped to achieve her care and therapy goals. We know Alisa will continue to make even more progress when she returns home this week with home health, therapy, and the love and support from her family.