Majestic Care of Middletown is excited to shine the spotlight on resident Amanda Chamberlain’s Success Story!

Amanda admitted to our community due to contracting both COVID-19 and pneumonia in December of 2022. Upon receiving this diagnosis and experiencing a decline in her physical health, she begin her rehabilitation process with our pulmonary and respiratory team. After experiencing a few challenges and setbacks during her health journey, we are privileged to have assisted Ms. Chamberlain back to her full health, which has allowed her to return to her home as of June 2023!

Ms. Chamberlain remarked on the emotional rollercoaster of a journey since December of last year, stating, “I never knew if I’d have a normal life again, but thanks to the respiratory therapists, therapy department and nurses; I’ve made a full recovery.” Now that Ms. Chamberlain has been successfully discharged home, she is back to her old life of hanging out with her boyfriend, friends, and family. Ms. Chamberlain is happy to recommend the care received at Majestic Care of Middletown. Many of our Care Team members were inspired by Ms. Chamberlain and her ability to fight through her rehabilitation. Her ability to return home and fully participate in her previous life is testament to her own strength and spirit and the team at Majestic Care of Middletown.