Majestic Care of Newburgh is excited to share resident Amy Edwards’s Success Story!

Ms. Edwards came to Majestic Care of Newburgh with the hopes of improving upon activities of daily living, as well as organizational and deductive reasoning skills. After receiving occupational and speech therapy services, Ms. Edwards’s overall increase in wellbeing and her physical advancements were tremendous. She notes that her best improvements are “walking and getting in and out of bed.” When she first arrived, she relied on a wheelchair for mobility. Now, she uses a rolling walker independently. Ms. Edwards stated that life before coming to Majestic Care of Newburgh was not as enjoyable and she sees major improvements from the previous facility where she had lived. In addition, she encourages other residents in therapy by reminding them, “It is a lot of help and allows you to get further, quicker”. Congratulations to Ms. Edwards and her Care Team on their success!