Majestic Care of Connersville is excited to share resident Angie Major’s Success Story!

Angie says, “When I first came to Majestic I was placed on the vent unit. I had a trach and was on the vent at night. I had cellulitis and was believed that I was possibly knocking on death’s door. I could not roll over, walk, sit up, stand, or move my arms and keep at a good pace. I participated in physical and occupational therapy, and God blessed me with Aaron, Nick, Ben, Josephine, Kylie, and Becky. I started out with Aaron who pushed me beyond what I thought or believed I could do. Eventually I was able to stand using a walker. While I was doing all that, I was also working in Respiratory Therapy to get off the vent and get my trach out. I had the best RTs who believed in me and pushed me to keep going. I finally got my trach out and got to move to the “rehab to home” hall where I worked with Nick, and Aaron. Within a month, I was walking. I can now reach things from the shelf, stand up out of my wheel chair without holding on, take a shower on my own, and so much more. God has given me my life back. I will forever be grateful to the PTs, OTs, and RTs for their faith. I thank God for you all. I’m going to miss so many of you. Thank you for allowing me the chance to be part of your facility. I am scared but grateful for everything. I may not have always been easy to work with, but I am a fighter. May God bless all of you who banded together to give me a better life.”

Congratulations to Angie and her Care Team on their success!