We’re so glad to turn the spotlight on Majestic Care of Sheridan resident, Anne Chandler.

Anne lived in New York for most of her child and adult life. While she was there, she worked as an artist and a poet. As time went by, she went through a rough period where she was homeless.Thankfully, she had a son and a daughter that loved her and brought her to Indiana. After a stay at IU Health Psychiatric Hospital, Anne was welcomed to Majestic Care of Fort Wayne.

She began to see a real transformation. Anne and the staff focused hard on therapy and behavioral health. When the time came to move closer to family, she then transferred to Majestic Care of Sheridan. The main goal was to be accepted to an assisted living facility. Through months of hard work between Anne and all the Care Team of Fort Wayne and Sheridan, she has made that possible!

She is now meeting that criteria and achieving that goal. 💜💙 Therefore, we just want to thank Anne for allowing us to be part of that journey! To learn more about Majestic Care of Sheridan, call us at (317) 758-4426 or contact us online at Majesticcare.com/contact-us.