Majestic Care of Livonia is excited to share resident Benard Arnold’s Success Story!

Meet Mr. Arnold, who embarked on his journey with us in February 2023. Initially hesitant to engage in therapy, he later embraced the opportunity for a remarkable turnaround. Discharged from therapy, Mr. Arnold became a valued long-term resident in our community.

A few months down the line, a pivotal moment unfolded as Therapy worked with Mr. Arnold’s roommate. Sparked by newfound determination, he expressed his desire to give therapy another shot. Picking up Occupational Therapy (OT), Mr. Arnold showcased impressive self-sufficiency in many aspects, yet struggled with completing his activities of daily living independently, relying on support from our Care Team members. Transitioning to Physical Therapy (PT), his journey of resilience took a remarkable turn. Walking and focusing on leg strength, he emerged from his shell, actively participating in therapy and socializing beyond his room! Returning to OT in December, Mr. Arnold’s progress skyrocketed! Now, he triumphantly completes his ADL’s independently, utilizing a 4ww with staff support. His once reserved demeanor has transformed into a social butterfly, enjoying the company of others regularly. With an inspiring goal to return to his own apartment in the community, we wholeheartedly believe Mr. Arnold is well on his way to achieving that milestone! Congratulations to Mr. Arnold and his Care Team on their success!