Majestic Care of Sheridan is excited to shine the spotlight on resident Craig Boyden’s Success Story!

Craig Boyden has always been courteous and respectful to everyone he’s met. He greeted everyone with a smile and cared for those around him. Though he was kind, Mr. Boyden suffered from mental illness. This made life challenging for him and his family. When the time came for Mr. Boyden to be treated for his mental illness, he admitted to Majestic Care of Sheridan! After a period of adjustment, Mr. Boyden began to see improvement over his mental illness. He began to trust Majestic Care of Sheridan and the processes used to help him. We are so glad and humbled to say that Mr. Boyden discovered a home and family here in the Sheridan community. Thank you, Mr. Boyden, for letting the Sheridan team be part of that journey!