Majestic Care of Connersville is excited to share resident Daniel Throop’s Success Story!

Daniel admitted to Majestic Care of Connersville after heart trouble that led to a hospital stay. During this time, he met and married his current wife. Unfortunately, Daniel began experiencing blackouts, resulting in him becoming wheelchair bound. His journey led him to our community, where he initially required assistance with all activities of daily living. Undergoing physical and occupational therapy, Daniel worked hard on strengthening, balance training, activity tolerance, gait training, and ADL training. His dedication has paid off, and he has progressed to using a 4-wheel walker! Daniel is now able to assist in caring for his wife in their room, and his ultimate goal is to discharge to an apartment at the community with his wife. Daniel stated, “Getting out of a wheelchair and exercising is something that I needed. You guys in therapy have been a big help to me.” Congratulations on your impressive progress, Daniel!