Majestic Care of Sheridan is thrilled to share resident Elmer Galloway’s Success Story!

Elmer has had an amazing life and has done so many great things. In 1950, Elmer moved from Arkansas to Indiana, looking for work. When he came to Indiana, he embarked on different jobs such as a plumber, salesman, and factory worker. While he was involved in the work force, he was very active in church. He was so active that he joined a gospel bluegrass band and was very successful. He played at several events and even played on television. Also, he was the Checkers King! 

Eventually Elmer joined us here at Majestic Care of Sheridan! After a period of adjustment, Elmer has continued to thrive. He walks the halls at 91 years of age, and still holds the title of Checkers King. He continues to make everyone smile and brightens their day. We Love Elmer! We thank you, Elmer, for letting Majestic Care of Sheridan be part of your journey.