Majestic Care of Livonia is excited to share resident Erick Smith’s Success Story!

Mr. Smith joined Majestic Care of Livonia in July 2023 as a long-term resident. Following his therapy discharge, he remained dedicated to his home exercise programs. Eager to regain his independence, he requested to resume therapy with the goal of reintegrating into the community. Since mid-January, he has actively participated in therapy sessions, diligently working towards rebuilding his strength. In collaboration with our social work team, he is exploring placement options. Notably, Mr. Smith has emerged as a remarkable source of encouragement in the therapy room. His uplifting spirit and cheer motivate his fellow residents, creating a supportive atmosphere. His resilience and positive influence have made him an inspirational figure to many residents at Majestic Care. We are so proud of Erick on his rehabilitation journey. Congratulations to him and his Care Team on their success!