Majestic Care of Livonia is excited to share resident Erik’s Success Story!

Mr. S. was admitted to Majestic Care of Livonia in July 2023. A dedicated and hard worker, he actively participated in therapy and decided to remain as a long-term resident. Continuing with his home exercise programs, Mr. S. requested to resume therapy with the goal of returning to the community. Since mid-January, he has been working with our social services team on finding a placement and attending all of his therapy sessions, diligently working to regain his strength.

Mr. S. is the biggest cheerleader for all the therapy patients. During his own sessions, he cheers and encourages everyone to work hard, celebrating their successes. His positive influence and inspiration have greatly impacted many of the residents here at Majestic Care of Livonia and make him a true beacon of encouragement and motivation for our entire community!