Majestic Care of North Vernon is proud to recognize resident Genevieve Stockhauser’s Success Story!

Mrs. Stockhauser is from the Jasper, Indiana area and could not find placement close to her family due to not having Medicaid. She was accepted to our community in hopes that we could assist her daughter, Mary, in applying for Medicaid!  With the help of our Business Office Manager, Geneva McGuire, we were successful in gaining Medicaid coverage for Genevieve, and now she is able to move to a facility in Jasper with her Medicaid coverage, and be closer to her family! What an exciting day for this family! We are sad to see Genevieve go, but are pleased that we were the community that was able to help this family and their needs! Best of luck, Genevieve, on your move!

If you have a loved one needing assistance with a Medicaid application for placement into a long-term care facility, reach out to us! We will gladly offer help, guidance, and work on that application for you.