Majestic Care of North Vernon is thrilled to shine the spotlight on resident Jeff Shinolt’s Success Story!

Mr. Jeff Shinolt admitted to Majestic Care of North Vernon after a recent hospitalization for a short-term stay after a knee replacement. Mr. Shinolt worked diligently with Occupational and Physical Therapy to regain independence with his mobility and daily tasks. He is now returning home to continue his progress towards his independence! He felt our PTA, Andrew Johnson, helped him on his journey to recovery.  

During his 3 week stay here, he enjoyed engaging with Care Team members and moving throughout the community. Jeff did have to adjust initially to sleeping with his leg elevated but felt everything else went well! He enjoyed making a pizza with our Activities Team, as well as socializing with others and attending church service here. Jeff had an overall pleasant experience here and is grateful Majestic Care is here to help others. Congratulations to Jeff and his Care Team on their success!