Majestic Care of Jefferson Pointe, in partnership with Reliant Rehabilitation, is excited to share resident Randy Campbell’s Success Story!

Randy was admitted to Majestic Care of Jefferson Pointe on March 3, 2024, while waiting for a liver transplant. During his stay, Randy made steady progress working with therapy services and nursing to improve his independence and prepare for his transition back to the community. He worked with Physical Therapy to enhance his ability to walk independently with a Rollator, improve his balance, and increase his strength. He also engaged with Occupational Therapy to boost his independence with daily living and functional tasks. Additionally, Randy collaborated with the nursing team to manage his medications and conditions, aiming to maintain and maximize his health while awaiting the transplant.

Randy plans to discharge to assisted living and continue making progress toward his goal of independence while waiting for the transplant. Congratulations, Randy, on your progress!