Majestic Care of Connersville is excited to share resident James “Jim” Gordon’s Success Story!

Jim was admitted to Majestic Care of Connersville from Reid Hospital after a left patellar tendon repair on July 3rd, 2023. After surgery, Jim required substantial assistance from his Care Team to complete daily tasks. He received occupational and physical therapy during his rehabilitation stay. Upon evaluations, he required max assistance of 1-2 persons to complete all functional tasks. Jim worked hard daily and continued to show significant progress as he was determined to return to his prior level of function at home.

After being at Majestic Care for 11 weeks, Jim met his goals and returned home safely to his beloved cats, “Little One” and “Miss Kitty,” independently! Majestic Care of Connersville and Reliant Rehabilitation would like to thank Jim for allowing us to be a part of his recovery. His dedication to therapy, motivation, determination, and compliance with skilled treatment helped him progress toward his goals. Jim stated, “Very caring, compassionate staff that treated me with dignity and respect. The therapy team provided the support and encouragement that got me where I am today.” Congratulations to Jim and his Care Team on their success!