Majestic Care of Carmel, in partnership with Reliant Rehabilitation, is excited to share resident Larry “Joe” Kays’ Success Story!

Joe, a long-term care resident, experienced a fall in February, resulting in a fractured humerus. Initially, due to his medical history, age, and co-morbidities, the doctors opted against surgery. However, a follow-up appointment revealed that his condition had worsened, prompting the orthopedic doctors to proceed with surgery, where rods and screws were inserted into his arm.

Joe returned to us for rehabilitation and received comprehensive therapy across all three disciplines. Given that his injured arm was his dominant one, he required assistance with daily tasks and mobility. Additionally, the anesthesia had caused some confusion, necessitating speech therapy to help him regain his focus. Joe’s progress in therapy was remarkable! At his first orthopedic follow-up, the doctor noted that he was weeks ahead of their expectations. Joe is now walking with a walker, dressing himself, and feeding himself. Congratulations to Joe and his Care Team on their success!