There are probably no better words of thanks that a therapist or care team member can hear than that of, I am going home!

Kira Paulino came to Majestic Care of Lafayette in mid-July after a lengthy hospital stay in part due to COVID-19. When Kira was admitted, she was unable to ambulate or care for herself with routine daily activities. Initially, Kira was apprehensive and scared she would not be able to return home to care for her son or to the life she had before her illness; until she met her therapy team. With intense physical and occupational therapy, Kira made quick advances in her abilities to stand, walk and regain the motor skills she thought she had lost.

Jamie Guangco was Kira’s’ therapist that worked with her almost daily to keep her on a program designed to bring her back to her normal functioning levels prior to her illness. After 30 days, Kira was finally ready to go home to her family. Before Kira left, she wanted us to see her arm with the inscription “My story’s not over.” We know Kira will continue to add to her story with this new chapter and new beginning!