Majestic Care of West Allen is pleased to spotlight a long-term resident, Lorrie Eix! 

Lorrie came to us due to vision issues. She was only able to see shadows and outlines upon her arrival. “When I got here, I was afraid. I couldn’t see and didn’t trust anyone,” said Lorrie. She received surgical intervention and treatment for her vision. The day she returned from surgery, she was overjoyed at her returned abilities. “I can finally see your faces,” she remarked. With the help of surgery and physical/occupational therapy from Reliant Rehabilitation, Lorrie is now able to ambulate and is thriving! Lorrie enjoys joking with Stacey Hays, COTA, shown with Lorrie above, and other Care Team members. She is president of the Resident Council and is very active socially. She greets everyone she sees with a smile and a hello. “I love it here,’ Lorrie said.  

Congratulations to Lorrie and her Care Team for her success. We are so proud of her dedication to improving her quality of life!