Mr. Duane Dumont admitted to Majestic Care of New Haven after a recent hospitalization due to complications with his diabetes and exacerbation of chronic medical conditions.

Duane was admitted with an overall decline in self-care, transfers, mobility, cognition, and ambulation requiring extensive assistance with all areas of care.  Duane participated in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy provided by Reliant Rehabilitation.  Duane worked effortlessly with his therapist and was able to regain independence in all areas of self-care, mobility, and cognition. 

By the time Mr. Dumont was discharged, he was independent in all self-care tasks and was able to ambulate with no assistive device and showed improved cognition and safety.  Duane returned home with his wife.  Duane could not wait to get home and take a walk around his pond.

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