Our team takes pride in being able to help residents anywhere in their recovery journey.

Mr. Charles Camper came to Majestic Care of Whitehall after a lengthy hospital stay where he was bedridden and unable to care for himself. His goal was to return home. Mr. Camper’s barriers to recovery included lung and heart deficiencies, multiple contractures, decreased strength and inability to sit unsupported by himself. Our dedicated team came up with a plan. 💜💙

The first month of his rehabilitation at Majestic Care of Whitehall brought the need to perform aggressive stretches, resistance exercise and basic reconditioning. Mr. Camper was taught to learn to walk again, climb stairs and increase his endurance for functional activities to become independent with his care.

The result? A huge improvement! 🎉

Through Charles’ perseverance, positive attitude and participation with therapy, he was able to achieve his goal of returning home and to the community. Congrats to Mr. Camper and his dedicated care team! #mymajestic To learn more about our community, visit us at https://www.majesticcare.com/location/whitehall